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★★★★ Anmeldelse/Review: Enter Mr. Citrus Man on Katapult in Aarhus

When London champagne meets the probably best beer in the world

14. september 2021.Kulturnyt, Ambiorn Happy

I just watched a play on Katapult in Aarhus. Wow, you're not gonna like this, if you're fond of a good Danish beer. (Like Grimbergen). I'll pour you a glass of the best theatrical upcoming London champagne, and let you sip it gently.

This play - Enter Mr. Citrus Man - is theater on a complete other level. Witty, resourceful, authentic, ingenious, punctilious and yet whole hearted. We love Carlsberg (Grimbergen actually), but this play is like champagne. It's unfair to compare Danish Theater with this, totally, and I will.

To be an actor, or to act, that's the answer

The good cast are a breed of talented actors we seldom see on Danish Theaters. Normally we prefer people with an appearance that looks like Hollywood. These people, led on by Molly Rolfe, are better than look-alikes, they are in fact capable actors. All the witty dialogues are precision made vocabulary sounds of mass entertainment.

Like Monty Python. Fast and fierceful and lovingly naive absurd. Never cruel. Every joke is on me. I look funny, I am fun, and I have a heart of a living and feeling person, which you can see. I am human.

That's what I mean. Only well bred humans can be actors, while others can act.

To have a theme, or just make a joke

The theme in the play is about choice. You want to be happy with your spouse, or do you want to make an impact on the world? Can't do both. What will you choose? A most relevant theme in a post-covid-fear-world. Keep your distance, or grab life? Now, what will it be?

The scenography is simple like the sun and the strawberry

A rock is kind of simple, but this scenography beats it to the finish line. The main characters live in a bathroom. So cosy, cute. In comes Mr. Citrus. The well-renowned guru, picks the strawberry, the lovely Molly Rolfe. Takes her out into the world to save it. She can sing. I mean, Molly Rolfe actually is a wonderful singer, and she completely falls for the temptation, to fulfill her life with something bigger than the space of a bathroom. I like the simplicity, because the scenography is like a flower.

Great play, I can say no more

Since this play is like a lion on a Danish pasture - so different and kind of scary in it's beauty - I personally would give it all the stars in the world. But let's settle with these four stars: Good actors, good theme, good scenography and a better tasting than Danish beer (even Grimbergen), more like champagne from London.

But you go and have a peep on your own. Maybe you'll get inspired, and the English is not that hard to understand. We bred them ourselves, when we were Vikings and ruled their country. Kind of. Cheers.

Enter Mr. Citrus Man af Alien Jefferson
Medvirkende Molly Rolfe, Neil Staveley, Adam Biggs og Tyler Hoyland.
Instruktør Mia Juhl.

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